Landowners and land renters can help their neighbors by filling out a survey on their cash-rent rates.

Ray Massey, University of Missouri Extension economist, Columbia, seeks responses to an online survey.

This is something new for the MU guide, which is updated every three years. Respondents should go to and click on “Take the 2018 Cash Rent Survey.”

Massey asks farmers to go online by desktop computer, laptop or tablet. The survey can be done by cellphone, but that’s not easy. 

Survey results help landlords and tenants. Land agreements include crops, pastures and hay ground. The survey includes a section on rent for grain bins, machine sheds and recreation land.

Massey says he’s making one last blast to ask for results to improve accuracy. “The more answers we get make a better guide.

“The MU guide is simply that,” he adds. “It’s a guide. Both sides in negotiations see what others do. It’s a starting point.”

Those not online can get a paper copy by calling 573-884-7788. However, deadline is July 13.

The survey covers only cash rent. It’s not for crop-share or other lease agreements.

Results of the 2018 Cash Rent Survey will be posted at, or you can ask your local extension center to print a copy.