The congregation of the Palmyra First Christian Church is once again sitting in the pews in the sanctuary. And, they are singing Hallelujah!

And in recognition of the months of renovation work, the church will be celebrating on Sunday, May 13.

No only will mothers be honored that day since it is Mother’s Day, but the church will also be celebrating the “Renovation of the Sanctuary”.

Special moments will happen throughout the service, including special guest, Rachel Bringer Shepherd, who will be blessing the sanctuary with her musical talents.

The public is invited to attend this special service.

Getting to this point has taken several months. 

In October 2017, the congregation set out on a journey called a renovation project.

At that time, the project started as a rewiring of the church. But as time went on, the project grew to other areas.

The pews were removed and the carpet was pulled.

During this time, worship service was held downstairs each week with everyone sitting on folding chairs for what the congregation began calling “our close bonding time with each other”.

The church wiring has now been updated, the walls of the sanctuary have been stripped and repaired with a fresh coat of paint applied

The years of multiple paint colors have been removed from all the woodwork, and the original wood is varnished and “beautiful”.

The pews have a little bit of mileage on them because of being moved several times, but they have now been repaired, sanded and varnished and are now back in their place.

Beneath the pews is new carpeting and above them hang new LED light fixtures.

According to the congregation, though, the one thing that has not changed is the love found within at First Christian Church.

The church is located at 202 E. Olive St., and worship service begins at 11 a.m.