This summer Pastor Eric Anderson of the Palmyra United Methodist Church and Lora Hillman, principal of Palmyra Elementary School, were working together in the Kiwanis hamburger booth during the fair.  

Anderson told her how Missouri Methodists have been called to help with child literacy in the state.   

When asked if there was anything the church could do to help, Hillman responded by sharing an idea to host a parent workshop.   

She would use the members of the school staff and the church would provide a meal and care for children.    On Nov. 19, that idea became a reality as parents and children gathers for a free meal provided by the church.   

The Title 1 Reading Team and Hillman met with the first through fourth grade parents on how to help their children with reading    

The children enjoyed stories, games, and free recreation.  

“As Christians, our first calling is to share the good news of Jesus, but we are also called to make a positive difference in the local community,” Anderson said. “We are not just a church for our members, we are a church for the Palmyra community, and this is one of the ways we can do that.”