Each person has a title and many have titles such as mother, friend, teacher or artist.  Kayla McBride now has a title she never expected - breast cancer survivor.  

Although it is a title she wasn’t expecting, especially at age 36, McBride feels blessed to have survived her journey and is humbled by the outpouring of support she and her family received.

In September 2018 McBride discovered a lump during a self-breast exam.  She scheduled an appointment with Dr. Laura Maple who immediately had her get a mammogram and breast ultrasound.  

After receiving the results of both tests McBride was referred to Dr. Stacey Copeland the next day to undergo a breast biopsy.  Once the biopsy came back it was confirmed that she had stage 2 breast cancer.  

McBride underwent a mastectomy in October 2018 and started chemotherapy treatments at Hannibal Regional Infusion Center in November.

“When we were beginning treatments several people asked why we didn’t go somewhere else for treatment.  We told people we had a great deal of trust and confidence in Dr. Copeland and Dr. Kristen Strasser and the treatment path we had chosen,” said McBride. “We had the ability to successfully treat my cancer close to home, which made it easier to deal with. Having two young children at home, it was important to be at home as much as possible.”  

Once McBride’s chemotherapy treatments began, the team at the Infusion Center began to feel like family.  

“The team at the Infusion Center was always there to support me and help me get through the hard times,” said McBride. “When we first started treatments Dr. Strasser took the time to explain the options to me and helped find the right plan for me.  

“One of the most important things I could say to others fighting cancer is to make sure you find ways to smile.  Whether it is just because of a silly moment or a joke - don’t forget to find joy,” she added. “I also encourage others to remember their self-exams and to remember they are their own best advocate.”

McBride is now done with treatments and is grateful to have the title of survivor.  

“Ringing the bell at the end of my treatments was a wonderful day. Dr. Strasser even found me a gong to ring because I had told her about seeing that somewhere else.” said McBride. “It is a little bittersweet to be done with treatments because I will miss seeing the team at the Infusion Center.  However, I will always be thankful for their wonderful care and support when I needed them most.”

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