Preliminary data concerning attendance and services provided during last October’s Project Community Connect event have been tallied. During the event, Project Community Connect had 184 attendees. Demographics were collected to obtain a greater picture of who in our community is in need of services, so that we can better determine which providers to have at the event. Of the attendees, 66 percent identified as male and 34 percent identified as female, 92 percent identified as heterosexual, 2 percent as homosexual, and 4 percent as transgender. The age group with the most representation at the event were 55+ (28 percent), followed by 25-34 year olds (22 percent), 35-44 year olds (20 percent), 45-54 year olds (20 percent), with the least representation by the age group 18-24 year olds (11 percent) and children under 18 (two percent). The majority of the individuals served were single (46 percent) or married (22 percent). Of the households served, 34 percent lived alone and 21 percent were single parents. Forty-six percent of attendees had 1-5 children in the household. Marion county residents accounted for 87 percent of attendees while Ralls County residents represented 8 percent. Other counties represented at the event were Monroe, Lewis, and Pike (4.5 percent). Length of time in the area was dominated by those that had lived here for more than 5 years (66 percent), with those living in the area for 1-5 years at 16 percent and a year or less at 15 percent. Some categories with percentages adding to less than 100 were due to unanswered questions on the survey. A total of 1,848 services were provided at the event that included dental screenings, flu vaccinations, medical triage, skin screenings, state issued ID vouchers, applications for in-state birth certificates, applications for out-of-state birth certificates, local housing resources and access, child care and services for children, resources for pregnant women, foot and ankle screenings, utility information and assistance, legal services, health care options for those without insurance, rental assistance, Christmas Program applications, employment programs and services, counseling services, home improvement grants, financial literacy, veteran’s services, women’s health, car seat checks, affordable prescriptions, glasses repair and adjustment, nutritional information, behavioral health programs and screenings, brain injury programs, educational programs and applications, clothing for work, food assistance and applications, family photos, personal hygiene items, and haircuts. Project Community Connect will take place this year on Oct. 4 at the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center in Hannibal from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information on the event, volunteering, or having a booth, please contact Amanda Wosman at 573-629-3346 or LeAndra Bridgeman at 573-985-2411, or visit us on Facebook at or email us at