When it comes to one’s health, having support makes all the difference. Quincy Medical Group (QMG) is proud to partner with Xplore Nutrition to offer a program that provides a personalized approach to nutrition with access to experts any time of the day.

Xplore is a web-based program that pairs every person with a dietitian or professional nutrition coach. 

These experts are available 24/7 by text, email, social media, and more to answer questions and guide individuals toward accomplishing their goals.

Sam Karoll founded Xplore Nutrition and is also a nutrition coach with the program. The partnership with QMG, he says, provides the community with the best possible tools and programs to live a healthy lifestyle with support from both Xplore and QMG. 

“Xplore’s nutrition coaching and dietitian services are perfect for individuals looking to lose weight, improve their health and wellbeing, perform at their best, or simply make better decisions throughout their daily lives,” said Karoll. “At Xplore, we aren’t just a nutrition company - we are a lifestyle company. We don’t just want the people who work with us to have success while they are in our program, but for years after we are gone.”

Angie Zanger Geiselman, registered dietitian and Nutrition Services coordinator with QMG, said the partnership between the two organizations gives individuals added support and accountability toward meeting their health goals. 

Xplore is a membership-based program. Participants pay a monthly fee with rates varying depending on the length of commitment. Memberships are available in 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month increments. 

For more information on Xplore Nutrition or to sign-up for the program, visit www.xplorenutrition.com, or call QMG Nutrition Services at 217-222-6550, ext. 3117.

For more information on programs offered by QMG, visit quincymedgroup.com.