Palmyra faced a water supply crisis last week, but utility crews were able to fix the problem before it reached that point.

 Board of Public Works employees came to work Thursday morning to learn the city’s sole source of water was cut off due to a water line break.

But, with only about two and a half days of water available, the BPW was able to restore the sourse by the next afternoon.

“Our guys did great,” said Brent Abell, BPS superintendent in praising his employees for the work they did under difficult conditions to restore the city’s water.

He also praised Palmyra citizens with chipping in with assistance.

The BPW issued a Code Red alert to residents immediately after discovering a break in the city’s water line from the wells to the water plant at about 6:45 a.m. Thursday, to conserve water usage and the request was heeded.

“We appreciate the community’s efforts to conserve water usage. It did make a big difference,” Abell said.

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