by Patty Cheffey

With a new added expense and with most of the items coming from out-county, the Palmyra Recycle Center is asking for financial help from Marion County.

Dona Nicholson, Jim Bross and Loren Graham were present to make the request for funding during the Marion County Commission meeting Monday, at which the commissioners also approved the sale of trustee-held property and heard a bridge update. They also discussed changes on Veterans Road (see related article).

According to Nicholson, the Palmyra Recycle Center is now having to pay $200 for each trailer load when Quincy Recycling hauls out items. That averages about 10 trips a year.

He and Bross also noted that since Palmyra added curb-side recycling, most of the recyclables are coming from the rest of Marion County, including some from Hannibal.

Because of that and because of the additional expense, the center is asking the county to consider giving them $2,000 a year to help.

Bross added the city of Palmyra already helps to the tune of around $4,000 a year, paying for the building, electricity, insurance, etc to operate the facility.

“All the work at the recycling center is done by volunteers so no one is paid,” Bross said, adding the center is not interested in making money, but needs to cover costs.

Part of the problem, he said, is the market for recyclable products has dropped.

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