The Marion County Commission voiced their approval to stockpiling coronavirus supplies to be ready when items are needed.

John Hark, Marion County emergency manager, was present at Monday’s commission meeting to discuss a coordinated effort to find out what supplies are on hand and what might need to be ordered.

Also during Monday’s meeting, the commissioners approved a bid, heard an update on the Taylor bridge and approved having new plat books printed.

According to Hark, he has been told by the state, they will not be furnishing supplies, and was therefore looking to see if the CARES Act money could be used to stockpile supplies.

While the county is still looking for more direction on how and on what the money can be used, Larry Welch, Eastern District commissioner, said he believed it would be fine to purchase those supplies but to keep track of where they are distributed.

Before buying supplies, Hark said he wants an inventory of what supplies are already on hand and who has them.

“We have no real coordinated plan in place,” he said. “Who has what, where can we purchase items, etc.”

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