A question about a line item on the Juvenile Justice Center budget should work out okay.

Judge Rachel Bringer Shepherd discussed the item at Monday’s Marion County Commission, during which the commissioners also opened a bid, heard about Safety Day and discussed a resolution for opioids.

According to Bringer Shepherd, part of the problem stems from the fact all of the guardian ad litem expenses have been coming out of the incorrect line item.

Guardians ad litem are attorneys appointed to represent children as well as possibly both parents in child abuse related cases.

Instead of the maintenance of effort line item, the bills have been paid out of the DPAF line item, making that line item to already be in the red at only four months into the year.

Bringer Shepherd said she wasn’t sure if the GAL was being billed incorrectly, or if there was just confusion as to which line payment should be made.

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