One bid was lower than the engineer’s estimate, and one was higher, but the Marion County Commission breathed a sigh of relief that the bid for the Taylor bridge was finally opened and plans can now move forward.

Two bids were received and opened during Monday’s commission meeting, at which the commissioners also heard updates on two other bridge projects and approved a contract for the cleaning of the Palmyra courthouse.

Bleigh Construction’s bid of $884,083.60 was the lower bid, and fell below the engineer’s estimate of $1,075,770.35 by $191,686.75.

The second bid, from Klocke, Inc., was for $1,797,910.70.

While it would appear the bid from Bleigh Construction will be approved, Jim Bensman, with MECO Engineering, said he would need to review both bids before making a recommendation to the commissioners.

“If it all adds up, that (Bleigh’s bid) is a very good bid,” said Bensman.

A recommendation was expected by Tuesday so the commissioners could “get the ball rolling” on the next step of construction.

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