Effective March 19, 2020, the Marion County Commission March 18 ordered the courthouses in Palmyra and Hannibal closed to the public until April 13, 2020 due to trying to reduce the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. 

“Many of the courthouses across the state are closing to the public,” said Eastern District Commissioner Larry Welch, adding that some are just having restrictions as of last week. “After April 13, we’ll meet and make a decision then on how much longer we might be closed.”

County employees will continue to work at the two courthouses, but all but the west door of the Palmyra Courthouse will be locked during the day.

The west door of the Palmyra Courthouse is staying unlocked as the license office plans to remain open for the foreseeable future. 

However, the rest of the courthouse has been blocked off.

Certain offices have to remain open for various reasons,  including the recorder’s office.

“Anyone needing a marriage license should call our office and we will start the paperwork over the phone,” said Harla Friesz, county recorder. “They then need to come to the south door of the courthouse and someone from our office will meet them outside to finish the paperwork.

“It will just have to go as smoothly as we can right now.”

Recording of deeds may be done by mail or electronically, Friesz added.

Those needing any other information, such as for genealogical research, can do so through the website, landrecords.net, but there is a fee associated with that, and it must be paid for by a credit card up front.

The county clerk’s office is open for absentee balloting and the filing for offices but restrictions are in place. (See related article.)

If you have questions for a particular office, please call the number shown on the directory below.

County commission

David Lomax – Presiding County Commissioner - 573-248-4667

Larry Welch – Eastern County Commissioner - 573-248-4020

Steve Begley – Western County Commissioner - 573-231-5283

Palmyra Courthouse

Marion County Circuit Clerk – Court System – 573-769-2550

Marion County Extension Office – 573-769-2177

Marion County Clerk – Voting, Voter Registration – 573-769-2549

Marion County Treasurer – 573-769-2552

Marion County Recorder – Deeds, Marriage License – 573-769-7001

Marion County Collector – Collecting Taxes – 573-769-3282

Marion County Coordinator – Building Permits – 573-769-5545

Hannibal Courthouse

Marion County Circuit Clerk, Div. 2 – 573-221-0198

Marion County Public Administrator – 573-221-9149

Marion County Sheriff – 573-221-0678

Marion County Collector – Collecting Taxes – 573-221-0727

Marion County Prosecuting Attorney – Legal Issues – 573-221-0146

Marion County Assessor – Assessment – 573-248-1515