With J turns no longer in the picture, the proposed changes to the Highway 61/24 and Route F intersection was met with friendlier comments.

A proposed new crossover was revealed as the newest plan to improve the intersection, which has been the site of numerous accidents, including four fatalities.

The plans were discussed during a public meeting last Tuesday evening with about 50 people attending the event.

According to Kim Trainor, MoDOT project engineer, the new crossover came in close to the top of MoDOT’s recommendations for improvements at the intersection, second only to the J turn proposal.

J turns, also known as median U turns, was discussed at a meeting March 8, at which those attending voiced their objections to the plans.

“After listening to public comments and going back over our plans, we came back with this second choice,” Trainor said, noting that while it is not quite as safe as the J turns, it should help eliminate the right angle accidents.

“The intersection was not ideal for J turns because the median is not wide enough,” Trainor said, noting there would not be room enough for an acceleration lane and deceleration lane.

The new plans call for a new crossover to be built just to the north of the current crossover. The current skewered intersection will also be straightened out by moving a portion of Route F to the north to come out straight across from the new crossover. 

The new section of Route F would then connect back into the old Route F roadway.

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