Local voters will be deciding the fate of a school bond issue, and a quarter-cent city sales tax increase and elect one city council member during next Tuesday’s General Municipal Election.

The Palmyra R-I School District has proposed a no-tax-increase bond issue that, if approved, would raise $3.5 million to fund various capital improvement projects at all three schools.

Passage of Proposition 2 would not raise the district’s debt service levy, which would remain at 68 cents per $100 assessed valuation.

The ballot issue requires more than a 57 percent majority of R-I district voters in favor for passage.

A simple majority of Palmyra voters in favor is required to pass the city’s proposed Proposition A, which would raise the  city sales tax a quarter cent.

Technically the issue would be a half-cent capital improvement sales tax to replace the quarter cent sales tax currently in place.

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