Survivor's lap

The Marion County Relay for Life was held indoors this year, moving from Palmyra’s Flower City Park to the PHS gymnasium. Pictured are onlookers applauding the parade of cancer survivors taking the ceremonial first lap of the relay. The event, which also included food booths, games and a Hannibal vs. Palmyra city contest, raised more than $75,000 for the American Cancer Society.

Two survivor participants in the Marion County Relay for Life have a long-time tie.

Linda Stutheit, of Durham, and John Myers, of Hannibal, are both 29-year cancer survivors and are the last two remaining members of the former St. Elizabeth Hospital High Hopes program in Hannibal.

“We’ve definitely formed a bond,” said Stutheit, who acknowledged that she and Myers have maintained ties over the years as they fought their own battles with cancer together.

Stutheit was diagnosed with breast cancer, while Myers has fought colon cancer.

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