Palmyra MS PACE class

The members of the Palmyra Middle School PACE class included (front, from left) Rafe Jones, Ashton Lovegreen, Brayden Genenbacher, (middle) Anna Ragar, Ashlyn Akerson, Laden Simmons, Ruby Akerson, Chloe Welch, Atticus Bross, Faedre Lehenbauer, Josh McKeown, (back) Rylinn Plank, Grace Fessenden, Marissa Lockett, Remington Kroeger, Molly Gottman, Mallory Sublette, Maura Gottman, Blaydn Buckwalter and Emmalee Drebes.

In connection with the Palmyra Bicentennial, the Middle School PACE classes, the Palmyra R-I School District’s gifted education program, have completed a project on the history of the public and private schools of the Palmyra School District.  

Each grade level researched a part of the history and created a different way of presenting the information.

“This was a challenging, but rewarding project,” said Ellen Stuhlman, the PACE teacher. “I’m very proud of these students and their commitment to making a contribution to our community and its celebration of our Bicentennial.”   

Stuhlman said the project started last year when students came up with the list of ideas for the bicentennial and chose to do this project on the history of the schools.  

“We didn’t realize how much history there really was until we started researching,” Stuhlman said. “One of my goals for this project was to take a big project and break it down into manageable parts, which we did by deciding which class was going to research which part of the history.”  

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