Lehenbauer family

The Mark and Amy Lehenbauer family is donating the first steer for use in the MoBeef for MoKids program. Their children are Emery, Tyne and Kye. (Contributed photo)

Palmyra R-1 students, faculty and staff can now enjoy the taste of beef...and maybe not as much chicken, thanks to a new initiative at the school which kicked off Tuesday night.

The MoBeef for MoKids program is a joint program of the Missouri Department of Agriculture, the Missouri Beef Industry  Council and Opaa Food Service to increase the amount of Missouri-raised beef on school lunch menus.

“The main purpose of the program is connect local cattle farmers and school food service to beef up school lunches, offering high-protein and nutritious meals,” said Louella Gregory, program director, Ag Education on the Move.

And that is what is happening for the Palmyra School District this year.

“It makes sense to take food we produce right here in Marion County and put it on the school lunch table,” said Amy Lehenbauer, whose family is donating the first steer to use for the program. “The kids will be eating a local product.”

Through the Palmyra program, the Lewis and Marion County Cattleman’s Association identify producers and coordinate the donations, Lehenbauer said.

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