Prehistoric target

A participant in the Rinhart R100 national archery event in Palmyra over the weekend, takes aim at one of 100 targets set on courses in the Well Family Nature Park and Flower City Park. 

The first-ever visit to Palmyra by the Rinhart R100 national archery event seemed to be on target over the weekend.

The event, which featured 100 targets along courses throughout the Well Family Nature Park as well as a portion of Flower City Park, drew close to 400 people, despite some iffy weather, and also drew raves from participants.

“We were thrilled to death with it,” said Butch Herold, a local archery enthusiast who drew the family-oriented competition for the first time.

Herold said there were a few things that could have been improved on, but all-in-all, it went smoothly and was a big hit with participants.

“People seemed to be pleased with the setting, and how it went,” Herold said.

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