There is no easy fix to the bridge on County Road 402 which means buses and emergency vehicles will have to find another way around.

Skip Wilson and Matt Walker with Poepping, Stone, Bach and Associates, were present at Monday’s Marion County Commission meeting to discuss the bridge, which commissioners learned last week would have its weight limit lowered from 13 ton to five ton.

While the commissioners could choose to have an assessment done on the bridge by waiting until July to see if there is Bridge Engineering Assistance Program (BEAP) money available from MoDOT, based on a quick study, Walker said it does not look like there is a fix to the problems, other than replacing the bridge.

“The main floor beams and the southwest bearings are the main reasons MoDOT is lowering the weight limit,” Wilson said, noting the bottom flanges are also about half gone.

A repair would involve removing and replacing the deck as well as the trusses, at which point Walker said he did not think the foundation would be stable enough to support the bridge.

“So, you are looking at a major cost to repair those items,” Wilson added.

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