Todd Dorsey proposes to Rebecca Calvin following the Chiefs long-awaited Super Bowl win.

It took Todd Dorsey and Rebecca Calvin 28 years to get serious about marriage, but it also took the Kansas City Chiefs 50 years to win a second Super Bowl.

Of course, they’re connected.

Not long after the Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV Feb. 2, Dorsey knelt down and proposed to Calvin, and she said yes, 28 years after the Palmyra couple first met and later had three children who include Evan Dorsey, 18, Ethan Dorsey, 13,  and Emma Dorsey, four. 

“They just never got married and it was never their top priority,” explained Evan of the long wait. “When everyone started asking about when they’d get married, they just said whenever the Chiefs win the Super Bowl and it just stuck. 

“And, for the past few years, when the Chiefs have gone quite deep into the playoffs, it became a reality it would happen soon.” 

And, even when marriage wasn’t on the radar, such as when the Chiefs went 2-14 in 2012, for example, the Chiefs themselves were still huge in the household. 

“When it comes to the Chiefs at our house, it is a very big deal,” Evan said. “I was born into the Chiefs Kingdom when my parents put me in a Tony Gonzalez onesie. 

“During football season, it’s all about the Chiefs and even in the off-season when the draft and free agency comes around. 

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