Marion County Clerk Valerie Dornberger announced voters in Palmyra will have a different location to go to in order to vote in the June 2 election.

All Palmyra voters will vote at the American Legion Hall in Palmyra instead of the usual location at Msgr. Farischon Hall.

While the public will be able to do better distancing, that is not the reason for the change.

At the time Dornberger needed to be making plans for the election, the governor’s stay-at-home order was in place and Farischon Hall was not allowing anyone in.

Although that order has been lifted, Dornberger said she had already made alternate plans just in case.

She said she will be sending out notices to all voters who will be affected by the change.

Some Hannibal voters will also be seeing a change in their voting location as well