New policeman

Mayor Loren Graham swears in Brandon Preston as the police department’s newest officer.

Police Chief Eddie Bogue reported progress during last Thursday’s city council meeting on enforcing city law prohibiting or limiting  trailers parked on city streets.

Bogue, who was asked to step up enforcement of the parking law in an effort to improve traffic safety, said his department counted 14 instances of trailers being parked on streets, and was working with the owners to find alternative parking locations.

“We got two moved,” Bogue said.

However, he said that, technically, owners of licensed trailers can park them on streets as long as they move them after the time limit.

“So they can get around it by moving them back and fourth,” he said.

Bogue indicated he would continue to monitor the situation.

Bogue also reported recent snow did not result in any serious crashes in Palmyra. He did report one fender-bender and several slide-offs.

In other business, Mayor Loren Graham swore in the police department’s newest officer, Brandon Preston, a native of the Quad Cities area.

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