Because of the number of days missed this school year due to inclement weather, the Marion County R-II Board of Education has approved a change to the graduation date.

Senior commencement exercises will now be held on Sunday, May 19. Originally the date was set for Sunday, May 12.

In addition to the date change, the board also approved the state plan on speech implementation and special education, adopted the 2019-20 calendar and accepted two resignations and one new hire.

During their February meeting, the board adopted the 2019-20 school year calendar, which shows a starting date of Aug. 15 and ending date of May 8.

Christmas holiday runs from early out on Dec. 20 through Jan. 3, but a professional development day on Jan. 6 means the students won’t actually go back to school until Jan. 7.

The board also amended the 2018-19 school year calendar to reflect make-up snow days.

Also in February, the board approved a rollover of a certificate of deposit at HOMEBANK with new interest rate.

They also accepted the resignation of Megan Zook, special education instructor, and hired Courtney Mann as an elementary school instructor.

During the January meeting, the board approved the DESE plan for speech and special education.

According to Superintendent Tony DeGrave, state regulations say school districts have the option to generate policy or select state policy for using a speech implementer to be overseen by a contracted speech pathologist that carries out speech needs of the district. 

The special education part B plan is the guidelines in which special education is to operate under.

The board also accepted the resignation due to retirement of Mike Johnson, elementary teacher.

In addition, they approved the purchase of heater booster for the kitchen, which will essentially be used as the hot water heater for the dishwasher.