A new class being offered by Zion Lutheran Preschool is proving to be a success as well as a benefit to several kids.

The five year old program is an additional step for pre-schoolers that, academically might be ready for kindergarten, but for other reasons might not be.

“Socially or developmentally, they’re not quite ready for kindergarten,” said Brandy Schneider, who broached the idea of adding the program for five-year-olds to the congregation of Zion Lutheran Church during a meeting last year.

“The Five Year Old Program, which can also be thought of as junior kindergarten is designed for children who have already been in a pre-kindergarten class or meet the age requirements for kindergarten, but whose parents want them to have another year before starting school,” Schneider said, adding the program will accept any child who meets the requirements, not just those who have gone through the Zion Lutheran Preschool.

The program is designed to be more challenging since the five-year-olds already know their basics such as letters, numbers, colors and shapes, and work includes a higher focus on math, including counting coins, simple math and learning how to tell time.

“These children have also already learned the different letter formations and the sounds that letters make, and are ready to be introduced to sight words and practice writing words,” she said.

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