Class of 2019, we have made it! On behalf of all of us, I would like to extend a thank you to everyone who has played a role in making each of us who we are today. 

Missouri could consolidate 31 rural counties into 14, if a constitutional amendment proposed by a St. Louis legislator were to be approved by Missouri voters.  Several northeast and north central Missouri counties would be affected.

Dear Editor                                                                                

I’ll keep this brief, because I know we’ve all been waiting 13 years for this piece of paper.  In those 13 years, we have all come across people who have helped us get onto this field today, and I think that’s a feat worth some gratitude. 

On an early September morning last year, a Springfield, Mo. mom walked into her daughter’s bedroom and experienced a tragedy no parent should ever have to face. Following a four-year battle with opioid addiction, her 20-year old daughter, a former high school cheerleader, was face-down in he…

The State of Missouri is accelerating a looming crisis in long term care by not sufficiently reimbursing nursing homes for the care they deliver to Missouri’s low-income elderly and disabled populations dependent on the State’s Medicaid program.

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