Brock Boulware

Brock Boulware

We made it!

Some of us barely. Took us 13 long years and by God’s grace we’re finally here. I’m gonna be honest we almost didn’t have speakers this year Sydney Fountain and I submitted these speeches an hour before they were due and if that doesn’t sum up the entire class of 2018 I don’t know what does. 

Graduating high school is less of an accomplishment and more of a celebration for our parents finally getting us out of the house.

And parents, you deserve a break. You’ve been our rock since day one. From nursing scraped knees and reading bedtime stories. To being a personal chauffeur and a 24 hour therapist. With your wisdom and love you shaped us into who we are today. You’ve led us to success our entire lives, but it’s now time for us to forge our own path. We couldn’t have done it without you and we will always be thankful.

I’d also like to thank all the teachers who put up with us all these years. With little help from us you have made us better people. By forcing us to ask questions and continuously answering our dumb ones, you gave us the most valuable thing in the world, the one thing no one can ever take from us, an education. Thanks to you we now have the ability to take control of our lives and create our own future. and for that we will be forever grateful. 

And finally the class of 2018, thank you. To say we were the best class to ever roam the halls of PHS would be stretching it a little bit. But we were the best at procrastinating. From cramming the night before a test to finishing a comp paper the morning it was due.

But we always somehow, someway got it done. That is why I can say with full confidence as we step into adulthood, no matter what challenge life throws at us, no matter how difficult the task, we will somehow, someway, get it done. 

And of course we’ll make a few mistakes along the way but just remember as Mrs. Light always said, “nobody’s p-oi-fect.”