Dear Editor,

It has been brought to my attention that our community is concerned about the treatment of the cats that animal control has been trapping and bringing to the Northeast Missouri Humane Society.

First and foremost, our shelter is staffed with some of the most caring people I know. The people go out and visit and volunteer at the shelter message me personally all of the time to let me know how caring they are. I’m always quick to relay that message to our staff, I feel that they need to know that they are being appreciated.

Second, the Humane Society is not responsible for setting the traps or picking up the cats. The only way a trap will be set or that a cat will be picked up is, if a person calls the police station and requests a live trap to be set for nuisance animals. Once that call is made and the cat is picked up, we, the Humane Society, are bound by contract, to receive said animal.

Because the number of cats brought to the shelter by the Hannibal Police Department’s community service officers is so large, the Humane Society, is in the process of looking to start a “working” cat program. This program, will hopefully take some of our more rambunctious cats, that won’t necessarily make a good house pet, but would work great on a farm, factory or live outdoors, able to find good homes. These cats will be healthy cats that have been spayed or neutered and have their vaccinations. This program is in the beginning stages and we are working on ways to finance the program.

If you would like to assist the shelter with the influx of cats being brought to the Humane Society, you can always volunteer as a foster family. Foster families help the shelter by providing a temporary home for the cats and kittens, until a permanent home can be found.

I hope that this answers questions that have been asked and if people would like to help more, please spay and neuter your pets.

Thank you.

Elise Blue


NEMO Humane Society