Dear editor,

Remember that famous line from a movie several years ago?...”I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore”.   Peter Finch throws open the window of his office and is yelling this into the streets.  Well, that’s exactly how I feel right now.   

I’m very, very angry over this current state of disarray in our country.  I know I’m not alone in this and know also that I’m not alone in trying to figure out how we got here and what can we here in Palmyra, Missouri  do about it.  

And that’s the worst part …..there is nothing we can do about it……. except vote. And that’s nearly two years away!  

I’m wondering why we’re not hearing anything about term limits these days??  I’m of the feeling we desperately need term limits…..and, when they’re out of office, they cannot become a lobbyist for at least five years.  

This horrible gridlock that has gripped our nation has to come to an end.  And when I say gridlock, I don’t mean just the government shutdown but also the crippling and dysfunctional state of our members of Congress.  

Both sides of the aisle have let us down. They spend way too much time raising money to get re-elected and not near enough time on what would be best for the people of our great country.

Before the last Presidential election I predicted that if Hillary Clinton won, she would be indicted or impeached and if Donald Trump won, he would be indicted or impeached.  

I think the Mueller report will be very damning for the president and that he will either resign (probably to avoid the embarrassment of impeachment) or will be impeached….and if it’s going to happen then the sooner the  better.  

I’m not very impressed with our Vice President Mike Pence, but feel that he is a decent man and if he had to step in, would at least offer some semblance of stability and calm to the nation.  

Thank you.

Roger Begley