Dear editor,

This letter to the editor is not about the results of an unstoppable force colliding with an immovable object. The topic is far more mundane. This letter is about the sector of the American population that could and would (if it served their purposes) politicize a vanilla ice cream cone.

The technique for accomplishing this unworthy goal isn’t that difficult. One only has to adopt the amoral thought patterns of Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527). His book, The Prince, is still in print. He was one of the grandmasters of European political intrigue. He gave the world a concept that it has never forgotten. “The end justifies the means.” In modern day thought, that phrase could be amplified into “If it serves your purposes, anything goes” and frequently it does.

Please consider this line-up. The Dallas Cowboys vs. The Washington Native Americans. Even in lights, this title would be lackluster. The ownership and management of the Washington Redskins football team had a fight on their hands a few years ago. There opponent was a vocal outcry and demand for an image makeover. Why? The word “Redskins” has racial connections. 

The proposed solution? Change your name. The Washington Redskins have been in business since 1932. Only in the last decade has the thought of turning their name into a political club to beat other people over the head with, come into reality. To their credit, the Redskins organization has to date successfully resisted this attempt at identity coercion.

A parting thought. Temporarily accept the idea that the ends justify the means. Know that the game of Chess is played by tens of millions of people in an estimated 150 countries scattered around the world. Due to its popularity and continental appeal it has been referred to as the “immortal game”. Apply politicization and observe the new dimensions. A game of chess can now be viewed as an unending race war that pits the forces of black against white, and white against black. That’s just the way the mentally corrupted cookie crumbles. Now reader, exit the end justifies the means and return to sound judgement.


Danny Yochum