Dear Editor,

I am writing today to show my support for Proposition D, the Motor Fuel Tax increase on the November ballot. 

The passage of Prop D will insure our Transportation Funding will continue from the federal level. In order to continue to receive 100 percent of our allocations we must have the increase to our state funded budget.

It will be implemented in over a four year period at two and a half cents a year beginning July 1, 2019. 

The last Motor Fuel Tax increase was back in 1996 and those dollars just do not buy what they use to as we all know from our personal lives. 

These additional dollars will basically generate the funds to replace the money used to fund the Highway Patrol and get that money back to the roads,             Plus allow the state to send an estimated $123 million dollars annually to local and county governments for road and bridge construction and maintenance.

These local and county dollars are mandated in the proposition so those dollars don’t get sent for other purposes.

I do not like having my taxes raised, but I don’t see any other way to get the funds needed for our highways which we all use every day and are deteriorating at a fast rate. 

These dollars will help get our rural roadways maintained and improved for the safety of all drivers.

Missouri Farm Bureau supports this Proposition to get better highways for their members.

Thank You,

Joe Kendrick,

Marion County 

Farm Bureau 

Board President