Dear Editor,

Marion County deserves more. We are in a prime spot in our state with the Highway 61/ 36 corridor and the Mississippi River. We have agriculture, we have tourism and above all, we have truly great people. With all of these resources, we should be an example to surrounding areas. We should be leading the way for rural broadband internet and other resources that will improve our agriculture and tourism sectors, ultimately drawing new industry and creating new jobs that will increase revenue and encourage our children to move back home.

So many people I know see Marion County as a dead end, but I see the opportunity for more. Marion County deserves more, just not more of the same. The upcoming election will determine which one we get.

We cannot have “more” when our leadership is always the same. When the current presiding commissioner of Marion County first took office, cell phones came in bags, the internet was just being created and Facebook wasn’t even a word. Just as times change, it’s time for our county leadership to change.

If we are truly to have more in Marion County, we need to expect more from our leaders than a comfortable career.  Comfort breeds complacency and 24 years is certainly enough time to get comfortable. A fresh face can provide fresh ideas and fresh energy to move Marion County beyond what is comfortable into what is creative to create new jobs and create opportunities for our families to build on the legacy our parents and grandparents began generations ago.

There are two names on the ballot for Marion County Presiding Commissioner. The six-term incumbent and David Lomax. Twenty-four years is long enough to have made your mark on Marion County. It’s time to see what new leadership can do for Marion County - because we deserve more.


Lacey Miller