Dear editor,

Metaphysics and the Black Cat Anthology. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy notes that the science of metaphysics is notoriously hard to define. Metaphysics, as a general rule, wants to solidify the unknowable into established fact. Few Nobel prizes have been awarded in this field. These practitioners study the darkest of dark matters, with little proven results.

Metaphysicists have kindred spirits in politics. This sect would scour the universe (if they could) to find one valid reason to justify voting against an honorable man. This man has been nominated by the President of the United States to the office of Associate Justice to the United States Supreme Court.

Scientific metaphysics and political metaphysics are two distinctly different subjects. Scientific metaphysics, for all of its shortcomings, is a recognized field. Political metaphysics makes scientific metaphysics look respectable. This is their common denominator.  Here is where they intersect. Both branches tirelessly search for a black cat in a dark basement that is not there. And, for totally different reasons.

Alchemy, the most famous branch of true metaphysics, strives to turn lead into gold. Political metaphysics strives to turn gold into lead. They would turn a noble into a base. Lead or gold, what is your preference?


Danny Yochum