Dear editor,

Here is a word with a definition that you will not find in any unabridged dictionary of the English language. Liberalism-A collection of appetites demanding to be fed.

To address the concerns of the COVID-19 virus, a 1,400 page menu was offered up to the United States House of Representatives. This legislative document has since been trimmed down to 1,200 pages and it is a poor response to the Coronavirus.

Addressing the concerns of a 1,200-page legal document and fitting it into 250 words or less letter to the editor, is a total impossibility. Nevertheless, here are some of the original topics of interest. Money for the performing arts. Same day as voting registration. Monetary loans to Planned Parenthood, and adjusted fuel emission standards.

Farmers make hay when the sun shines. The pure politician of today, as stated by a former mayor of Chicago warns of never letting a serious crisis go to waste. In a little less than a century, the political tune in this country has gone from “Happy days are here again” to “The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.”

Liberalism is progressive, in the sense that it continually makes demands. It wants more, more and more. This attitude may be progressive, but this attitude has never qualified as  progress.


Danny Yochum