To the Palmyra Spectator,

The recent announcement that your paper will be closing has come as a shock to many members of our community. I am sure that most of us were not aware of the extent of the papers’ loss of revenue that has impacted your decision.

Losing the Palmyra Spectator would be a severe blow to many of us. The local news presented in the Spectator affects all of us. The children and youth of our community are presented in all of their achievements. Football, basketball and numerous other sports are also of interest to your readers. The activities of many organizations, such as the American Legion, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce and several others, are presented in a positive light for us to absorb and for which we take pride in our community.

Stories from the “Spectator Shelf” are enjoyed by most of us, as well as interest in obituaries, police reports, city of Palmyra and Marion County news, as well as ambulance district and others.

We cannot just stand idly by and let this happen without some attempts to save this vital part of our community. I think a substantial number of subscribers would be willing to pay a good deal more than the small $26 subscription rate if it would help you to continue publication. Would $40 per year help? If I knew how to start a “Go Fund Me” page, I would do so. But lacking that modern technology knowledge, I’ll not. However, I for one would happily contribute a substantial amount if someone would. Closing the Spectator? “Say it ain’t so”, Mark and Patty.  Give us a chance to save the paper.

Bob Ravenscraft