Dear editor,

As an agriculture producer I would like to thank the residents of Marion and adjoining counties for the support they have shown agriculture. 

As producers we have been able to produce the safest most economical food supply in the world. The good ground that God has gave us and the technology that has been developed has allowed us to vastly increase production.  

However, in some counties in some states ie. California and Colorado agriculture has been stifled by what some refer to as local control.  In cases like this few people have decided that they know what is best for the population and have regulated agriculture in such a way that the best practices can not be used in their counties or states.  

Here in the Midwest the vast majority of individuals have common sense and understanding of agriculture and their neighbors needs. Our operations all differ individually just like we differ as individuals.  

By being good neighbors and allowing diversity all types of agriculture business thrive in Northeast Missouri. Producers raise specialty crops and livestock along side the current and newest best management practices in the world.  

We are able to do this because residents of this area realize and support the need for diversity.  

Being respectful of the differences in people and business operations have allowed us to thrive as a country and I would like to thank and ask you for your continued support for agriculture diversity in counties and state.

Thank you, 

Ralph Griesbaum

Marion County Farm Bureau