Dear Editor,

As most of you know, Nearly New Boutique is closing May 12. After 23 years of business, the owner, Connie Eastburn, is looking forward to retirement.

We all are so happy for her and sad at the same time. Her customers are devastated.

The whole community will miss this store that has been a vital part of their lives all these years.

I have had the pleasure of working for this dear woman this past year and have had an inside look of the work and dedication she has put in to make it a successful business.

She truly loves each and every one of you (as do I) and treats everyone with the same respect and dignity.

There is no finer person out there than Connie. Where else would you take clothes out on trial and charge it to your store account, bring back if it doesn’t fit, etc. All other thrift stores are sales are final!!

She also has donated to so many in crisis and is always lending a helping hand to whoever needs it with no questions asked.

I just want everyone in our great little community to know what we are losing! There is such a need for this type of business here.

It is with great sadness and joy we say goodbye. Please stop in and thank her for her generosity these past 23 years and wish her the best life ahead. I know she would love to see you.

Connie, thank you for being such a wonderful boss and true friend.

From my heart,

Julie Metz