On Friday, March 8, 66 students in grades one through four participated in the Palmyra Elementary Science Fair.  

It was a busy day, full of experimentation and learning. BASF provided four judges for the day. 

The judges were Chao Wang, Rebecca Adcox, Brian Cox and Adam Wardlow.  

Nineteen of the projects were awarded a first-place ribbon (BLUE), 24 were awarded a second-place ribbon (RED), 16 were awarded third-place ribbon (WHITE), and seven were awarded a participation ribbon (GREEN). 

A Science Expert for each grade level will be awarded at the school’s awards day in May. 

Criteria from peer/guest voting, judging score sheets and the sponsor input will all be considered for this award. 

The Science Fair sponsors were Nichole Gard and Aron Knoche.

Receiving wards were:  

FIRST GRADE -- Laney Weaver, blue; Alexis Lynn, blue; Emma Thornburg, blue; Brielle Strubinger, blue; Cora Houston, blue; Kye Lehenbauer, blue; Clare Moore, red; Heidi Lehenbauer, red; Jacen Gottman, red; Lydia Steffen, red; Bentley Carper, red; Easton Ruth; red; Addilyn Kaden, red; Aubrey Hess, red; Addie Hess, white; Gabbie Gottman, white; Lane Carper, white; Mason Jones, white; Brylee Dames, white; Brooklyn Grotz, participation; Noah Krekemeyer, participation;

SECOND GRADE -- Marciana Bross, blue; Jensen Kroeger, blue; Olivia Dames, blue; Ella Turner, red; Aidan Schaefer, red; Christian James, red; Logan McBride, red; Lydia Tinker, red; Trigg Heimer, red; Sydney Hillman, red; Claire Swisher, white; Bristol Goldinger, white; Alyra Alexander, white; Elijah Murphy, participation;

THIRD GRADE -- Emily Bowman, blue; Reed Miller, blue; Andrew Illa, blue; Aubrey Bier, blue; Leah Pontius, blue; Aubrie Drullinger, red; Audrey Reid, red; Cotton Roberts, red; Eli Schneider, red; Natalie Burkett, red; Ellie Gash, red; Lillie Ahern, red; Jackson  Highfill, red; Abrianna Jackson, white; Brylea Dorsey, white; Addilyn Richards, white; Aiden O’Brien, white; Jaden Murphy, white; Mia Chapman, white; Isaac Krekemeyer, participation; Tony Meyers, participation; Jozie Becker, participation;

FOURTH GRADE -- Logan Kroeger, blue; Marney Plunkett, blue; Allyssa Brentlinger, blue; Chloe Holman, blue; Livia Bross, blue; Sierra Hudson, red; Aiden Lynn, white; Trella Van Alstine, white; Anna James, participation.