To help kick off the MO Beef for MO Kids initiative, the fourth hour foods class at Palmyra High School held a burger cook-off competition Sept. 10.  

There were five teams.  

In the Family & Consumer Sciences classroom, each team created and practiced making a variety of burger recipes and combinations. 

Then each team selected their favorite version to make for the contest and recreated their favorite recipe the next day. 

The winning team was Bianca Perkins, Addison Heidbreder and Tessa Richmond. Their burger had an American cheese-filled center, bacon, lettuce, tomato, seasoned with garlic and seasoned salt and served with a fry sauce made of apple cider vinegar, ketchup and Miracle Whip. 

Other burgers in the contest featured breakfast/brunch foods such as hash browns, fried eggs, steak sauce, barbecue sauce and many more variations. 

The judges were Travis Rice, Triston Jones, Stacey Conrad, Anna Gish, Kevin Miles and Patrick Anderson. 

The judges used the World Foods Competition food judging criteria called EAT. Fifteen percent of the score was based on the appearance of the food, 35 percent on the execution (did the food match the written description), and 50 percent of the score was for taste.  

Marcy Hamilton is the Family & Consumer Sciences teacher at PHS. 

FCS courses at PHS focus on culinary, nutrition, wellness, child development, relationships, life skills, fashion and interior design. FCS was formerly known as home economics.