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Commissioners receive Taylor bridge plaque

by Patty Cheffey

The Marion County Commission received a surprise gift during Monday’s meeting.

In addition the commissioners continued reviewing CARES Act funding applications and approved allowing the veterans brick program to continue..

Jim Bensman with MECO Engineering was at the meeting to present the commissioners with a plaque of the successful completion of the Taylor bridge, complete with pictures.

The commissioners also worked on close out paperwork on the project which will be completed after the county receives lien waivers and affidavits. 

Teya Stice, who is helping coordinator the CARES Act funding applications, said several had been approved, but about half were needing additional information or clarification before they would be approved.

Chris Kempke, who chairs the county’s CARES Act committee, reminded the commissioners they need to be keeping track of how much funding is being approved for public entities and how much for businesses.

He also noted the commissioners can approve part of an application or reject the entire thing while waiting on more information.

In other business, Luke Bryant, county prosecuting attorney, requested he be allowed to  hire an investigator or attorney/investigator.

He noted the county had approved funding for an attorney and one had been hired, but has since left to return to St. Louis.

Bryant said what he is really needing is more of an investigator or an attorney who will do investigative work.

Since Bryant said one could be hired without any additional funding, the commissioners approved his request.

The commissioners also approved a request from the Palmyra Area Community Betterment and the American Legion Auxiliary to continue the veteran brick program at the Palmyra Courthouse.

While PACB is turning the program over to the Legion Auxiliary, the current space in front of the courthouse has been filled.

The commissioners suggested the auxiliary meet with the county’s custodian, Neil O’Bryan, to discuss possible locations for the new bricks.