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Few races to decide in primary election

Voters will have races decide county and statewide races as well as a state constitutional amendment during next Tuesday’s primary election, depending on what ballot they choose to cast.

See a complete sample ballot inside this edition.

There are three county races on the Republican ballot for western district commissioner, assessor and public administrator.

Incumbent western district commissioner, Steve Begley, rural Palmyra is being challenged by Eddie Bogue, of rural Palmyra.

The winner will face the lone Democratic candidate, Bill Goellner, rural Palmyra.

The current assessor, Mark Novak, Hannibal is being challenged by Joshua Parson, Palmyra. 

The winner will be the presumptive winner in November with no Democratic challenger.

The same for the two Republican candidates for public administrator, the incumbent, Wendy Howe, and her challenger, Melonie Nevels.

Incumbent Eastern District Commissioner Larry Welch has no opposition in the Republican primary or the November election.

Those casting Democratic ballots will not have any county races to decide with Goellner, running for western district commissioner, the only candidate.

Other presumptive winners in November on the Republican primary ballot who have no challengers are incumbents Jimmy Shinn, sheriff; John D. Janes, surveyor; and Richard Jones, coroner. 

Democratic voters in Mason Township will elect one committee person in the second ward from between John E. Yancy and O.C. Latta.

All voters will decide the fate of Constitutional Amendment No. 2, which would adopt Medicaid expansion in Missouri.

Choices are a little more plentiful for local voters in races outside the county.

Republicans have four candidates for governor including the incumbent, Mike Parson, as well as Raleigh Ritter, James W. (Jim) Neely and Saundra McDowell.

There are also four Republican candidates for Lt. Governor, including Arnie C. AC Dienoff, Mike Kehoe, Aaron T Wisdom and Mike Carter.

The incumbent District 6 U.S. Representative, Sam Graves, has a Republican challenger in Chris Ryan.

Those casting Democratic ballots also have some choices outside the county.

There are five candidates for governor, including Nicole Galloway, Jimmie Matthews, Antonin Johnson, Eric Morrison and Robin John Daniel Van Quaethem.

Democrats running for Lt. Governor Gregory A. Upchurch and Alissia Canady.

Rich Finneran and Elad Gross are running for attorney general as Democrats.

There are five Democrats running for District 6 U.S. Representative including Ramona Farris, Charles West, Gena L. Ross, Henry Martin and Donald Robert Sartain.

Libertarian and Green Party voters also have ballots to cast.