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County P&Z board hears request

by Mark Cheffey

The Marion County Planning and Zoning Commission held the first hearing last Thursday of a rezoning request involving a proposed rural residential subdivision northwest of Palmyra.

Rodney Kuntemeyer told the commissioners during their meeting at the Marion County Courthouse in Palmyra of plans to develop a nine-lot subdivision on 42 acres on the west side of CR 333.

The request from Mary Kuntemeyer is to rezone the land from agricultural to rural residential. 

Rodney Kuntemeyer, who has power of attorney, said portions of the original 96-acre tract were sold off six years ago, and was submitting a plat map for the other 42 acres which, he said, contain “pasture land, hay land, a little farming and a little woods.”

He said plans are to put a road into the property to go along with an existing farm lane.

He also said he was following the recommendation of the Missouri Department of Natural resources and keeping the lot-size minimum to 3.3 acres to avoid having to include a lagoon sewage system.

“I don’t want lagoons,” Kuntemeyer said. “They’re a little bit of an eyesore.  

Kuntemeyer indicated there will be some covenants and restrictions for lot owners, but there will not be a home-owners association. However, owners will be responsible for road upkeep.

No nearby landowners spoke for or against the rezoning request.

A second hearing will be held Thursday, Sept. 10, at 7 p.m. in the upstairs court chambers of Marion County Courthouse in Palmyra. At that time, the commission will vote on a recommendation to the county commission.

The planning and zoning commission voted 7-0 in favor of recommending the county commission approve the rezoning a 12-acre tract east of Palmyra from agricultural to commercial.

Casey and Keely Ragar said during the request’s first hearing Aug. 13 they want to create a venue where events like weddings, receptions or family reunions can be held.

A large building on the property will hold about 200 people, with room on the outside for an additional 150.

No nearby land owners  spoke out against the rezoning at either of the two hearings.

A zoning commission member, Kevin Meany, said he visited the property and was impressed with the owners’ plans.

“It looks like a very good set up, and I think it will be an asset to the community,” Meany said.

Casey Ragar said he and his wife received considerable favorable comment from the public after the Aug. 19  Palmyra Spectator newspaper came out  with a story about the first hearing. 

“We had a lot of positive feedback,” Casey Ragar said.  

The request was to go before the county commission Monday for final consideration (see county commission story in this issue.