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Deadline nears to get county CARES Act funds

by Patty Cheffey

Those still wishing to apply for CARES Act funding from Marion County have only a few more days to do so.

During last week’s Marion County Commission meeting, which was held on Tuesday because of the Monday holiday, the commissioners set a deadline of Oct. 31 to send in applications.

After Oct. 31, applications “may not be considered” according to the commission, depending on if there is any funding left.

Following action this week, the commissioners have a little less than $500,000 left to disperse, including spending around $20,000 on an audit, which will be required because of the CARES Act funding.

The commissioners approved fully or partially funding several requests Monday as well as reviewed the county budget and approved a bid.

Also during the meeting last week, the commission approved moving storage for the public administrator and selling some trustee-held properties in Hannibal.

During Monday’s meeting, the commissioners fully funded  seven requests, including the Marion County Ambulance District, Tic Toc Motel, Bear Creek Sports Park, Marion County R-II School, Hannibal Public Schools (Hannibal Alliance for Youth Services), Marion County and Marion County Commission.

They also partially funded requests from Hannibal Nutrition Center, Playground Enterprises, LLC (Main Street Lanes) Karen’s Dance Academy, YMCA of Hannibal, Gilstrap Restaurants, LTD, Wilco  Fast Break, Inc., and a second request from the ambulance district for protective gear.

Several of the latest request were tabled until further information can be obtained. 

Those requests included Hoot Owl Trolley, Star Theatre and Pavilion, L&S Cleaning and Restoration and Northeast Missouri Humane Society.

The commissioners also approved a request from St. John’s Lutheran School to purchase iPads for distance learning.

Also Monday, the commissioners reviewed the budget for the county as it is three-quarters of the way through the budget year.

At this point, expenditures should be at 75 percent or less and revenue at 75 percent of higher.

General Revenue as expenditures of 73 percent and revenue at 79 percent; Highway Fund is at 65 percent on expenditures and 81 percent on revenue; Road Fund is at 62 percent for expenditures and 82 percent for revenue and Capital Improvements is at 61 percent for expenditures and 71 percent for revenue.

Two bids were opened last week for paving of the parking lots at both the Palmyra and Hannibal courthouses.

The first bid, from McDonald Services, Hannibal, was for $6,850, including $1,200 to do Palmyra and $5,650 to do Hannibal.

That bid did not include any crack filling and repair.

The second bid, from Graupman Construction, Palmyra, was for $10,950, including $1,897 for Palmyra, $5,370 to do the west parking lot in Hannibal and $3,683 to do the east parking lot in Hannibal.

His bid included crack fill and repair.

After doing more checking to be able to compare the bids, the commissioners approved the bid from Graupman, noting they felt it was the best bid.

Last week, Wendy Howe, public administrator,  reported her storage is full at its current location and is also in need of improvement.

“I’m told I have to save this stuff forever, so I need a secure storage,” Howe said, asking if she could hire a company to help her move the boxes.

If there is still room in the basement of the Juvenile Justice Center, the boxes will be moved and stored there, the commissioners said, noting they believed there was still storage available. The county also approved allowing Howe to hire a company to help with the move.

In other business, the commissioners also approved for sale eight trustee-held properties in Hannibal to individuals and 35 trustee-held properties in Hannibal to the city of Hannibal.

Approved were: 1200 N. 12th St., $100 plus recording fees; 1216 N. 12th St., $100 plus recording fees; 205 and 201 Dowling St., $100 each plus recording fees, $1722 Grace St., $100 plus recording fees, 1520 Rinker, $351 plus recording fees, 1518 Rinker, $351 plus recording fees and 1902 Settles, $300 plus recording fees.

The city of Hannibal purchased any remaining lots at $1 a lot plus recording fees.

The commissioners also heard from the Hannibal Police Department, who noted they are answering calls, approximately 2,000 a month. The statement was in response to a comment made by John Nemes, ambulance district chief last week, that the police are no longer responding with them to certain calls.

While the commissioners noted they did not think Nemes was stating the Hannibal Police were not doing their job and while they themselves felt the police were doing their job, Presiding Commissioner David Lomax noted that as a part-time ambulance employee in a different county, they had received word in March through 911 the Hannibal Police would not be responding with EMS.

Hannibal police responded they felt that email was overdue in they believe EMS was calling for police to be present “just in case”.

The commission also:

• heard a monthly sales tax report from Dornberger, who noted it was still in good shape; and 

• learned Bleigh had worked on the approaches to the Taylor bridge which had settled a little.