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Adopt-A-Child program assists 43 families

by Mark Cheffey

This year’s Adopt-A-Child program closed out the holiday season with success.

Tables in Msgr. Farischon Hall were filled with gifts and food items Dec 22 to be distributed to 43 families assisted by the Palmyra Area Ministerial Allliance’s Adopt-A-Child program this year.

Kathy Fohey, who directs the Palmyra Area Ministerial Alliance program designed to help local families in need, said 43 families were assisted and it all went together smoothly despite

complications from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It went together really well,” Fohey said, noting people came forward quickly to help all 43 families in preparation for the big day, Tuesday, Dec. 22, when gifts and food items were distributed to the families at Farischon Hall.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Fohey said this year’s program came together easier than expected.

“We actually took in more money this year,” she said.