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Library program sends out Christmas greetings to local shut-ins

by Mark Cheffey

Pictured are some of the home-made greeting cards that were sent out to local shut-ins through a program set up at the Marion County Library. (Contributed photo)

A project to provide Christmas cheer to local shut-ins grew beyond what was expected.

The Marion County Library put out a call to the youth of the community to make Christmas greeting cards for nursing home residents using 12 kits provided by the library.

But, it went way beyond that number.

“They all went very quickly,” said Molly Briggs, the library’s youth services director, of the 12 kits. “People really responded and wanted to help out.

As a result, the library collected and then distributed more than 200 cards to residents of Maple Lawn Nursing Home and Bristol Manor, as well as the people served by the Palmyra Nutrition Center.

“It was really special to see the whole community come together and help others in the community,” Briggs said.

Youth and adults alike use their artistic skills to make cards like the ones pictured above to send to local shut-ins through a program hosted by the Marion County Library. (Contributed photo)

The project started out as a way to get youth involved in a way that allowed them to work at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but grew even beyond the original age category.

“We had two-year-olds to people quite older,” Briggs said.

She was also touched by how those taking part added special messages and personalized the cards.

“They were very thoughtful, with what they put into it,” Briggs said.

The success of the project may lead to similar efforts by the library in the future.

“People like to come together to help others in the community,” Briggs said.