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County financing sheriff’s vehicle

by Patty Cheffey

The Marion County Commission approved financing for Sheriff’s Department vehicles and discussed soft match trading during their meeting Monday.

Only one bid was received for the financing for three sheriff’s vehicles,
Clayton Holdings of Commerce Bank.

That bid was to finance $125,000 over three years at 1 3/4 percent fixed interest rate.

The commissioners approved the lone bid.

In other business, the commissioners heard from Teya Stice, county improvement coordinator, concerning trading soft match for BRO funds.

Stice noted it is not going well as she had heard back from both Caldwell County and St. Louis County, neither of which was interested in a trade.

Stice will contact the city of St. Louis to ask them.

Western District Commissioner Steve Begley noted depending on how the bids come in, it might be possible to build the bridge on County Road 402 on their own.

Commissioners also met briefly with Steve McGregor concerning insurance for defense expenses reimbursement for injunctive relief suits.

The insurance provides funds to pay attorney fees for suits seeking “Only injunctive or other non-monetary relief.”

The commissioners said they would take the information into consideration, but took no action on it.

County Clerk Valerie Dornberger provided updated sales tax information to the county, noting sales tax for the county is up, but down for Local Use.

General Revenue receipted $219,379.30 for March, compared to $183,003.76 in March 2020, While Capital Improvement receipted $164,534.23, compared to $137,252,90 in 2020.

Road and Bridge Fund receipts were also up at $109,671.31 in March, compared to $91,495.69 a year ago.

Local Use receipts were down for the month at $69,049.56, compared to $92,604.37 in March 2020, but are up overall for 2021. The county has received $139,026.39 in 2021, compared to $123,802.22 in March of 2020.

Commissioners also approved paying the Northeast Missouri Economic Development group the $20,000 which was budgeted.

It was also reported there is a Zoom meeting Thursday concerning the warning siren grant, and that meeting is part of the hazardous mitigation plan, which will be discussed at meeting March 31, at the Sesquicentennial Building in Palmyra and includes several counties.