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Few vote locally in election

A few people bothered to vote  in the local election last Tuesday with nothing to decide.

According to official results of the General Municipal Election, only 13.28 percent Marion County voters cast ballots, and the vast majority of them were in Hannibal where there was a four-way race for two school board seats and a proposed city charter change to decide.

Just 89 people voted for mayor in Palmyra, where Rusty Adrian ran unopposed to fill the position vacated by Loren Graham.

Twenty-six people voted for Brock Fahy for Ward 1 city council, 22 for Andrew Salsman in Ward 2 and 38 for Pam Behring in Ward 3, all unopposed.

There were no school board elections on the ballot in the Palmyra R-I and Marion County R-II school districts, where there were just enough candidates to fill the open positions.

In Hannibal, Justin R. Parker was the leading vote getter with 1,062 votes (35.1 percent) for one of two three-year terms on the Hannibal School Board.

Tysa J. Coleman was second and earned the other school board seat with 735 votes (24.3 percent), beating out Paul A. Ewert, 626 votes (20.7 percent) and Laura R. Judlowe, 486 votes (16.1 percent).

Proposition 1, outlining changes to the Hannibal city charter, received overwhelming support, winning 1,099 (77 percent) to 329 (23 percent).