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Mayor urges Palmyra residents to wear masks

Mayor Loren Graham announced Monday morning he is urging citizens to wear masks in public places, in  particular local businesses due to increasing cases of COVID-19 that have even hit the city employees.

“I think we need to. It’s getting nuts,” he said of the spread of the virus locally.

Graham said he has the power to call a local emergency, but noted it is not possible to enforce a mask mandate. But he strongly urged people to wear masks when out and about.

“The situation is very serious,” Graham said.

In addition, Graham said the city is having to close city hall to the public, basically by order of the Marion County Health Department after some city employees tested positive, one in city hall and one at the water plant.

As a result, city hall will be closed to the public for quarantine until Dec. 5. City employees will answer phones, but citizens will only be able to pay city bills through the mail or through the slots at the front of city hall.